Udacity course

I’m following the Udacity course called Developing Android Apps


The course description looks fine for me – I’ve done Java programming before, I’ve used git etc, so the pre-requisites look fine.

My first app is pretty simple, so I’m hoping to do just part of the course, and then develop my first app off on the side, while I keep following the course.

So far, the first few lessons have covered installing Android Studio, and setting up a virtual device.  My only issue is the world moves so fast, that the videos are already out of date, and you have to kind of guess for the new Android Studio, what makes sense.  In addition, in the video, they’ve already downloaded everything, so such as the part where you install a virtual device, it looks instantaneous, whereas in real life, it takes about half an hour.

So there’s quite a bit of pausing needed, but that’s fine.