Faster Android emulator performance on Fedora

I’ve ditched the ancient Dell, and am now running on an old work laptop which was reimaged with Fedora. I’m normally a Ubuntu man, but whatever.

I started to install the Android Studio, and I got a notification that said

We have detected that your system can run the Android emulator in an accelerated performance mode.
Linux-based systems support virtual machine acceleration through the KVM(Kernel-mode Virtual Machine) software package.

Search for install instructions for your particular Linux configuration (Android KVM Linux Installation) that KVM is enabled for faster Android emulator performance.

So here’s what I did to enable this

egrep ‘^flags.*(vmx|svm)’ /proc/cpuinfo;

This printed out a bunch of stuff which means that Android Studio was correct: my cpu does support kvm

sudo dnf group install –with-optional virtualization;

sudo systemctl start libvirtd;

sudo systemctl enable libvirtd;

lsmod | grep kvm

The lsmod showed that kvm_intel is in fact now running, and though I haven’t rebooted, the systemctl enable command should start the service each time.