iMac for the Android Studio win

Early days I know, but so far, so good.  The Android Studio install was painless.  Only issue was having to grant a security exception to allow HAXM to be installed, but other than that, the Studio install process was really slick and easy.

I was able to pretty quickly get an emulated device to appear, and I came here to declare success, but I realize it’s been sat on the boot screen for a while.  And with that, I complain and it’s up, though there’s the spinning wheel.  Still not happy.

I’ve killed it from the menu bar, and am trying again from the play button inside Android Studio.  Looks somewhat happier, and I even managed to get a screen grab.

But then all hell broke loose, and the emulator crashed again.  I shut down and restarted Android Studio, and Hello World! is back, but I shall definitely keep an eye on it.

So yeah, easy install.  Looks good.  Fast compiles.  Emulator seems snappy, but the crashes and hangs are a bit worrying.  Watch this space!

New machine

I cracked (which didn’t take much doing) and picked up a refurbished 21″ iMac for development.  After the usual 30 minute “omg I must update all the updates since I was shipped” freak out from the computer, I can now actually use it.

I’m not in love with the keyboard – seems really really small to me, and its actually pretty loud to type on, which is weird for a chiclet style keyboard.  Let’s see how it works when I’m coding – I may crack (again, see the pattern here) and spring for a nicer, bigger keyboard.

Mouse is nice though.

I’m assuming the Android Studio works the same in OS X as it did in Fedora.  It’ll be interesting to see if I have the same issues with firing up the emulated phone as I had on my old Fedora machine.

Udacity course

I’m following the Udacity course called Developing Android Apps

The course description looks fine for me – I’ve done Java programming before, I’ve used git etc, so the pre-requisites look fine.

My first app is pretty simple, so I’m hoping to do just part of the course, and then develop my first app off on the side, while I keep following the course.

So far, the first few lessons have covered installing Android Studio, and setting up a virtual device.  My only issue is the world moves so fast, that the videos are already out of date, and you have to kind of guess for the new Android Studio, what makes sense.  In addition, in the video, they’ve already downloaded everything, so such as the part where you install a virtual device, it looks instantaneous, whereas in real life, it takes about half an hour.

So there’s quite a bit of pausing needed, but that’s fine.


About me

Every blog needs an about me, right?

Well, about me.  I’m getting older, but I don’t feel it.  I am a programmer by profession, but not an application developer.  I have done a ton of Java programming for my actual job, though it has been a while.

When Java first came out, I actually wrote a simple widget which resembles the first app I want to write so I know the logic is pretty simple. I also know the app has a certain appeal which I’ll explain elsewhere.

I am currently typing this on an ancient tiny Dell media PC, which has to be about ten years old, and is slow as all hell.  One of the things I want to figure out is what a good development environment will look like.  Can I use this crappy Dell, but then use the compute power of Amazon AWS for example.  Or do I need to buy a new machine (which is always fun!)

Getting started


Yesterday, I decided to build an android app.  Today, I decided to build an android app business, and to take you all along with me.

How will I make money?  How will I build the app?  What tools will I need?  What personality traits will help or hinder me?

Follow me as I learn, build, make mistakes, and see if I ever actually finish anything let alone make any money.

I’ll be totally transparent on everything I do, and always glad to hear from anyone with insights, advice and just general chit chat