Wayne State University Transfer Agreements

Note to advisors: If you notice any changes or updates to a particular transfer plan, please contact Melissa Jimenez (bu3954@wayne.edu) directly. Your community college will provide detailed information, including approved courses, to complete the MTA. We encourage you to review our transfer plans and consult with your community college counsellor to find out if they meet the MTA requirements and ask your community college to review your file to add an MTA confirmation to your transcript. The additional course mentioned above is no longer necessary. Students who join WSU with MTA in the fall of 2018 and beyond have met all wayne state general education requirements. We are glad that you are taking steps to become a warrior! Wayne State University (WSU) is committed to ensuring your transition to campus runs smoothly. We look forward to showing you all that WSU has to offer to achieve your academic goals. Please take the time to research your course options in advance. Use our course equivalency tool and review transfer plans to determine how your courses will be transferred to WSU. For individual service or questions regarding admission, please contact the Transfer Student Success Centre. If you attended a community college that does not have a formal agreement with WSU, you can always request that the WSU transcript be sent to your community college (usually admissions or the registrar) for evaluation for retroactive transfer. While this process does not guarantee that you will receive your associate degree, we recommend that you do so to see if your community college grants your degree. Material transfer agreements are essentially contracts between two parties that describe the conditions underlying the transfer of biological materials, chemical compounds and other physical research materials.

Wayne State has signed formal transfer agreements with the following community colleges: Through our agreements with these participating community colleges, we will evaluate your records on a regular basis. If you have met certain requirements, we will ask you to submit the Reverse Transfer Transcript Application Form to send your WSU transcript to your community college, especially for retransmission purposes. Below is the list of community colleges for which WSU has created transfer plans: An articulation agreement is a formal contract between a community college and WSU to provide a clearly documented path to graduation for a particular academic program. This agreement ensures the transfer of certain courses between institutions and minimizes duplication of work, saving students time and money. .