S2 Software Support Agreement

The S2 Security Systems Technical Certification Program equips system integrators and end users covered by S2 Black Support with the installation, configuration, and support of S2 Security products. Successful graduates of the program earn one year of S2 certification. S2 offers initial online training. Certifications can be renewed annually online. A used software license is in principle for sale free of charge. We provide end-user support through our S2 Black support program. This popular program allows end users to get training and technical support. As part of the program, S2 Security certifies end-user personnel to the same standard as integrators. Exceptional customer support is a core value at S2 Security.

S2 Security provides end-user support through its featured S2 black media program. This popular program allows end users in companies to get training and technical support. FLIR has developed the A500-EST and A700-EST as non-contact screening tools that can serve as a first line of defense against potential health risks. These cameras are part of FLIR`s A-Series camera offering and are registered with the U.S. FDA 510(k). Using embedded computing using advanced measurement tools or in combination with custom high skin temperature protection software, these cameras offer fast and smooth screening stations that communicate with the OnGuard system to automatically process and apply customizable access control settings. An on-demand support technician is only available in case of emergency. Requests for emergency assistance and “On Holiday” support outside of normal business hours may incur a support fee of $500. “As companies implement site-specific screening protocols, integrating access control systems with thermal solutions is an important part of a comprehensive approach,” said Jeff Stanek, president of LenelS2. “The cooperation with FLIR will help advance our end users` choices to control access to support healthy and safe jobs.” S2 Support is where S2 certified integrators can access product documentation and technical indications. Software downloads and utilities to assist in the implementation and installation of S2 access control and video systems. Under the program, S2 Security end users are certified to the same standard as integrators, and two certified individuals can be nominated to be solicited.

Exceptional support is a central value in S2 Security. Our services include technical support, integrator training, application technique and more to ensure that any questions or issues you have can be easily answered by an expert. The object of the purchase is the right to use the software. Legally, this is a legal purchase. Pittsford, N.Y., July 29, 2020 – LenelS2 and FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) today announced that the company has signed an agreement to integrate certain FLIR thermal imaging cameras into LenelS2`s OnGuard® access control system. The integrated, contactless solution joins the Carrier Healthy Buildings Program to support the reopening and slow the spread of COVID-19 and possibly other viruses in the workplace through thermal testing. . . .