Express Ambassador Agreement

In the event that a married couple, a registered partnership, a legal entity or a partnership registered as a brand ambassador separates or terminates its internal link, there remains only a position of brand ambassador. The separators decide internally which partners/partners/associates/shareholders sue the brand ambassador and sign in writing to VERWAY by one of the parties and are notarized or inform by means of a corresponding court order. In the event of an internal dispute over the effects of such separation, division, dissolution or other termination of a legal person or partnership with regard to the ambassadion of the trademark, VERWAY reserves the right to terminate this contract if such a dispute results in non-compliance with the obligations of the brand ambassador, a violation of these general conditions of sale, a violation of applicable law or a presumption of non-trust. chargeable for brand ambassadors, either downline or up. (2) In addition, brand ambassadors, as responsible for the GDPR, are required, in particular, to inform their staff of the applicable data protection provisions and to oblige them to comply with these provisions. Not only did express micro-influencer ambassadors get higher engagement rates (7.8%), but they also led to an increase in in-store sales volume (86.8%) and online sales (79%) as macro-influencers. This indicates that if Express micro-influencers are enabled at scale on Instagram, they increase brand awareness and conversions with a higher and more effective return than macro-influencers. 1. Active ambassadors who recruit a new brand ambassador for the distribution of VERWAY products receive the new brand of brand assigned to their structure in accordance with the career plan and the placement requirements defined therein (protection of brand ambassadors); This placement is governed by the date and time of receipt of the application of the new brand ambassador to VERWAY.

The possibility of changing the “placement position” of a sponsored partner directly or indirectly is not possible. (17) VERWAY allows brand ambassadors to purchase products for their personal use or family members. Under no circumstances may brand ambassadors have theirselves, their family members or other brand ambassadors or other third parties acquired to purchase products that go beyond their own needs. When ordering products, ambassadors must guarantee that at least 75% of the previous order was consumed for commercial purposes as part of product presentations and tastings, and that no more than 25% of the last order remains in their warehouse. Within one month, brand ambassadors may not purchase more products than are reasonably to be consumed, and third parties may do so on their behalf. (a) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the purchase price is due immediately with invoice. . . .