Callide Power Station Enterprise Agreement 2018

“The overhauls include inspections, maintenance and upgrades to the plant`s equipment to ensure they are reliable during the peak summer period.” “MHPS is negotiating a new company agreement with its workers across Australia,” Duck said. As you know, voting on the Energy Queensland Union replacement collective agreement and the Energy Queensland Retail Union collective agreement will conclude this Friday. Many of our members have already voted, but if you haven`t already, we recommend. “We respect the right of MHPS workers to take protective measures, but we call on MHPS and its employees to find a quick solution to their new company agreement.” “The work will provide short-term employment opportunities for people with the skills and expertise to maintain and modernize the plant.”┬áJust like a car or any larger machine, power plants need to be maintained regularly to keep them in peak condition,” he said. Duck said CS Energy`s investments in overhauls and maintenance reflect its commitment to ensuring the safe, reliable and efficient operation of its power plants. This $49 million upgrade provides jobs for 370 contractors, including electricians, boiler builders, riggers, fitters, welders, scaffolding builders and cranes. The temporary contractors are collaborating with Callide Power Station`s permanent employees and will be housed in motels and caravan parks around Biloela, which will support the region with an estimated $4 million in flow benefits before work is completed in December. “As the law allows, protected union actions can be taken during the bargaining process. We are with our members every step of the way at Energy Queensland Limited (EQL). Yesterday, on behalf of more than 20 Members, we argued over the answers to their demands for flexibility in work. A major maintenance program at CS Energy`s callide Power Station is on track, despite a two-day strike by a few employees of main overhaul company Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems.

Earlier this week, we understood that the government has written to Powerlink to outline a supplement on the wage policy of government companies regarding the Powerlink union replacement contract. The modification of the wage policy becomes a wage policy and. The Union des Services is always at your side! Last week, our union urged CS Energy to clarify some very lax comments about callide Power Station`s operator numbers. For several months, these kinds of comments. Energy Super will hold the following superannuation sessions exclusively for members of the Service Union. These interactive sessions are all done online via Zoom….