Agreement To Sale Of Flat Format

b. The seller shall keep a separate account for the amounts received by the seller from the purchasers of the apartments as pre-financing or surety bonds received as a result of legal costs and the execution of other documents necessary for the execution, and shall use the sums only for the purposes for which they were received and, after transfer of the said property, the balances shall be paid and transferred by the sellers to the flat-rate buyers. 13. That Party 2 does not have to take any further action after receipt of the full counter-sale of paragraph ———— of Part 2 and after Party 2 has paid/deposited the full balance, with the exception of that part when transferred by Party 1, since Party 2 is entitled to provide the instrument of transmission either by Part 2. 1 is not applicable to the transaction, or if it is authorised on a specified date and limitation period. 4. This Part No. 1 has also exercised general power and irrevocable special advocates with respect to the housing in question in favor of Part No. 2, and all these acts of attorney remain irrevocable in the future, Part No. 1 also has various other court documents in favor of Part No. 2 and all these documents, namely will, receipt, guarantee of exemption, etc., also remain irrevocable in all circumstances.

CONSEQUENTLY, both parties signed this agreement in the presence of the following witnesses: 11. That Party No. 1 admit that it has no right, title, interest or concern of any kind in the above-mentioned dwelling. 14. That Party No. 1 accepts that this contract of sale remains irrevocable and that Party No. 1 will not revoke or resign it in any future. 2.

Part 1 ensures in Part 2 that the above-mentioned dwelling is exempt from all kinds of charges such as pre-sale, donations, mortgages, disputes, disputes, suspension decisions, seizures, notices, acquisitions, rights, rights, pledges, guarantees, securities, HUF, Benami, property or other registered or unregistered charges, and if this fact is found differently, which means that some or all of the above-mentioned pledge rights Housing from the hands of Party No. 2 Party No. 1 will compensate for the damage suffered by Party No. 2. 8. At or before handing over the property of the mentioned apartment to the seller, the buyer has an amount of Rs. ……….. for legal fees, the costs of creating the association and the execution of these gifts and other documents necessary for the execution.

The buyer is also required to bear the costs of stamp duty and registration relating to the deed of habitation. . . .