Tesla Distribution Agreement

(i) General representation. Each party represents and guarantees the following way: (i) this part is duly organized, valid and reputable according to the laws of its organization; and (ii) the performance and implementation of this agreement by that contracting party and the performance of its obligations under this treaty (1) do not violate a provision of the Charter, statutes or other government documents of that party, or (2) do not cause or constitute a delay in violation of another agreement or agreement to which that party is bound. (b) sub-animal supplier obligations. The supplier ensures that all animal sub-suppliers have written agreements signed with the supplier, requiring lower-cycle suppliers to take any action required by lower-cycle suppliers by another provision of this agreement, and to comply with the following provisions: (c) inventory and monitoring requirements. Unless otherwise stated in Appendix 1 or a separate written agreement, the supplier retains from time to time the amount of “destination inventory” of each inventory item, as specified by teals. All stock adhesion products manufactured by the supplier to meet an updated destination inventory are considered “finished product inventory” in accordance with this agreement. When the supplier establishes inventory to meet the required target inventory of the finished product stock, any reduction in the amount of items ordered or any quantity of items ordered on an order that will later be cancelled by Tesla is returned to the supplier`s stock, and the supplier increases its inventory accordingly. The supplier monitors and reports to Tesla its position of inventory situation and liability for the entire inventory of finished products. (i) continuity of supply of essential goods.

“Essential Item,” an item that Tesla can never replace with a reasonably feasible commercial alternative within six (6) months or less of Tesla`s wish. At Tesla`s request, Tesla and the supplier agreed to a mechanism to maintain Tesla`s continuity of supply with respect to an essential element, such as the agreement. B on the terms of a “lifetime purchase” or the execution of a trust or licence agreement acceptable to both parties. g) No gratuity. Neither party will propose a person or entity or tip to induce a person or organization to enter into, execute or execute the agreement or other agreement with the parties. “The sale of common shares as part of the share distribution agreement may, if applicable, be made in the context of transactions by ordinary brokers, on or through a market maker, on or via the Nasdaq Global Select Market or in another market place where securities may be traded, on the over-the-counter market. , in transactions traded in the private sector, in bulk transactions, in transactions considered “offering” under Rule 415 under the Securities Act or by a combination of these sales methods. Sellers may also sell our common shares by other means authorized by law. “We have entered into a share distribution agreement, or the share distribution agreement with Goldman Sachs – Co. LLC, BofA Securities, Inc., Barclays Capital Inc., Citigroup Global Markets Inc., Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., Morgan Stanley – Co. LLC, Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC, SG Americas Securities, LLC, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC and BNP Paribas Securities Corp., as distribution partners among which we can offer and sell our common shares in time.

5,000,000,000.” Purchases by authorized third parties.