Sample Inter Corporate Deposit Agreement

B. Borrowers have i.e._________ to “The Lender” for the granting of inter-company ace deposits. (roupies_ only for a period of days after the loan payment date. Will holding private limited NBFC`s loan to its Associate private limited NBFC and vice versa fall under the “Inter Corporate Deposit” under the RBI Circular Public Fund of 01.09.2016, since no public funds are in fact involved outside the public fund. This document consists of a draft inter-Corporate Deposit/Loan Facility agreement between the lender, borrower and lender to grant and grant the borrower a business-to-business deposit in changeable word format, so it is convenient to use you and save time and effort. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties signed this agreement on the date and place above, accepting all of the above conditions. 7. If the borrower does not refuse to repay the loan amount or interest amount on the maturity date, it is lawful for the lender to transfer all or part of the equity units of 123 LTD to the borrower`s expense and expense, either by private agreement or on the open market, and to transfer the net proceeds of the loan or interest. one. The borrower is one of the companies in Group 123 LIMITED, a company incorporated under the provisions of the Corporations Act, headquartered in 1956, after being referred to as the “borrower,” is a paid-up capital of Rs. The lender considered the borrower`s application favourably and agreed to lend and grant the borrower a guaranteed interest rate on Rs deposits roupies_. 2. The intercorporate contribution in question is levied on the means of the interest paid by the year.

In the event of a late payment or late payment, the lender has the right, whether in principal or by interest or part of it, and the borrower is required to pay a penalty interest of 1% per annum, above the above interest. 3. In the guarantee of the timely repayment of the loan as well as the pawning, he agreed to commit himself to the lender, the shares with the value of shares held in the name of the pawnbroker, as indicated in the appendix of this appendix and considered to be an integral part of the equity agreement of 123 Limited, a company incorporated in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, headquartered in Equity International Ltd.`s shares are publicly traded and the current market price of the shares is agreed with Rs. (5) It is therefore agreed that the borrower has pledged shares of 123 LTD data, which are indicated in Schedule I of this appendix and which are dealt with under this “securities” agreement. ___________LTD, a corporation incorporated under the Corporations Act in 1956, with its head office at the “lender”), whose concept or expression is not excluded or excluded by the purpose or context of that purpose, which refers to its heirs, successors and part 4 beneficiaries.