Kitchen Cabinet Installation Agreement

We are preparing for a custom carpenter to start measuring and producing our kitchen cabinets. It does an extraordinary job that I have seen personally. I have also received several other recommendations. But he is Amish and he doesn`t seem to have any agreement that I can sign. I would like to build something for it, but I was looking for a model if someone is willing to share his with me. My email is active, so you can email it to me if it works for you. Re: Project #_______: design services, individual kitchen cabinets and installation has. If the implementation conditions do not allow the delivery and/or installation of the project, a secure, protected and climate-controlled local storage area is available on site. If the conditions do not allow the product to be stored on site, Interiors Corp. provides storage for a limited time that cannot exceed 5 business days at no additional cost. B. For projects in which Handwerk Interiors Corp. performs installation work, a payment of 40% of the sale order is due before delivery.

A delay in receiving payment to Interiors Corp. may result in the cancellation of the installation or a delay in the installation date and additional costs for the customer, such as fees. B storage and non-refundable fees paid by Handwerk Interiors Corp. as a result of a cancelled/delayed installation. For projects for which others are responsible for the installation or do not require installation, the balance is due for pickup. The client must defend, compensate and compensate owners, executives, directors, employees, agents and advisors of and against any claim, loss, deterioration, lawsuit, liability, judgment or costs (including, but not limited to legal fees and fees) resulting from a violation, or loss or loss of property or violation of applicable laws or regulations arising from or related to the sale, transportation, installation or use of goods and services, whether by negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability in an unlawful act, this paragraph applies to the termination of this transaction for an indefinite period. o Quantities: (change order to be issued if the final construction requires a complete modified performance) 29 solid hardwood doors/drawer surfaces 10 plywood cabinets (blind corner like two “cabinets”) 9 Lower plywood cabinets with 1 blind-Eck. (Blind corner has lower than two “cabinets” and refrigerator plates are only a “cabinet”), b. Once the milling work has been delivered and/or installed, the customer must unsubscribe or confirm that our milling work is in perfect condition and in good working order at that time. It then becomes the customer`s responsibility to protect the mill from there. Body from inside the craft. is not responsible for the damage caused by others after that date.

During future visits to the Interiors Craft Corps, damage caused by other items we have previously installed will be catalogued and signed by the customer. A price and timeline to replace damaged parts with others can then be discussed at a later date. This clause applies in particular to projects in which several trades (plumbers, electricians, general contractors) are linked to the installation site. It was all verbal, and those are our particular notions. I told her when I wanted the kitchen to be ready, she told me her time estimate, and we agreed on the payment plan. She has a small workshop, and I have an elusive GC, so wall instead of a shot, it`s ideal for us.