Incorporation Agreement And Articles Bc

The introductory app is available at Corporate Online. The person who concludes it is referred to as the “finding party.” They must ensure that the foundation contract and the items are properly prepared and signed by the incorporater. Foundation Contract This is a necessary agreement between each of the company`s incorporaters. It must indicate the number and type of actions each owner is willing to take, must contain the full name of each incorporater and be signed by each owner on the date signed by each incorporater. The agreement is not subject to the Registrar of Companies. It is kept when the company`s other official records are registered. After their e-file, the register of companies establishes a constitution and sends you certified or authentic copies of the request to create and communicate articles. Article Note: This is a mandatory form that must be submitted electronically. The name of the booked company must be displayed. If you intend to integrate as a “numbered company,” the company name would be left blank. The notice of the articles also mentions the full name of each director as well as the postal and delivery address of each board. The company`s registry and records offices must be listed. The company`s share capital must also be defined in the publication of the statutes.

If specific rights and restrictions are applicable to actions, it must also be done in the communication of the article. The first step in the process is to decide if you have a name for the company or if you use a “numbered company.” The company does not need to have a name. You can join a company with a number. z.B. “123456 B.C. Ltd.” To do this, you put the initiation request described below and leave a space in which the name must be located. The Registrar assigns the company the following serial number as part of its name. A company created in this way is a “numbered company.” A foundation contract is an important document when a company takes integration action. It is also known as a pre-foundation agreement and will help to avoid misunderstandings about the roles and responsibilities of the main parties of a registered entity.

It contains information such as the name of the company created, its purpose, the names of directors and executives at the time of the creation of the company, the distribution of shares and even the salaries of directors and executives. With this document, you can certainly make agreements and make important decisions before you start your business as a business. The constitution agreement is reached before the directors submit formal statutes to the B.C. Office of the Corporate Registry.