Cloudera End User License Agreement

This license requires that product documentation contain instructions on how to obtain source code for licensed software, including any changes to the licensed software. (a) modify, translate or create works derived from the product; (b) decompile, redesign or reverse part of the product, or attempt to discover the source code or underlying ideas or algorithms of the product; (c) to sell, transfer, sublicensing, rent, lease, lend, supply, distribute or transfer all or part of the proceeds; (d) manufacture, manufacture, reproduce or copy the product; (e) remove or modify any trademark, logo, copyright or other property related to the product; and (f) another party to make or allow them to be one of the 15th previous beta software. In the event that the customer uses the product functionality to download and install public beta software provided cloudera, this beta software is subject to either the Apache 2 license or the beta license corresponding to that location: ( (f) Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of these conditions, licensed Cloudera products are subject to additional restrictions (e.g..B. licence term or limited number of copies) indicated, referenced or contained in the licence application form. Cloudera products purchased outside the program are subject to the applicable terms and conditions made available to the Member, even if the same type of Cloudera products is authorized according to a licensing form. A free and unlimited license that gives access to the CdH, Hadoop Apache clouderas distribution and a subset of cluster management features available with Cloudera Manager. If you have installed a license, the license page shows its status (z.B if your license is currently valid) and shows the license details: the license owner, the license key and the license expiry date, if any. This license may expire automatically if you claim a claim against a contributor for patents that you claim to be infringed by the licensed software; Your patent license from such a licensed software contributor may also expire automatically. This license has limitations on how licensed software can be used or modified in relation to a specification or standard. Few licenses have such restrictions; For example, MPEG licenses for IP; The independent JPEG Group; Open group; POSIX; and some first Sun Java licenses.

10.1 Unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement between the member and Cloudera, the following conditions in this section 10 and other parts of the applicable conditions apply to all (i) interoperability or technology certification tests, which are provided by Cloudera and/or member in connection with the program (“interoperability testing”) and (ii) certification marks or other words or designations (. B, for example, “Cloudera Certified Technology”), which Cloudera makes available to the member in conjunction with interoperability tests (“interoperability tests”). The following conditions, as well as all additional conditions for interoperability or integration testing and certifications, as defined in the portal guidelines or other materials, including, but not limited, to material describing all aspects of the Cloudera Certified Technology program or similar programs, are jointly referred to as “interoperability conditions.” Conditions prevail when there are contradictions between other interoperability conditions and conditions.