Unep Register Of International Treaties And Other Agreements In The Field Of The Environment

Brown Weiss, Edith, Daniel Barstow Magraw and Paul C. Szasz. International Environmental Law: Basic Instruments and References, 1992-1999. Ardsley, NY: Transnational Publishers. Nations. 2001. Multilateral treaties filed with the Secretary-General, Part I, Chapter XXVII. untreaty.un.org/ENGLISH/bible/englishinternetbible/introduction.asp. Access: May 30, 2001. UnEP has encouraged the development of solar credit programs with attractive rates of return to offset upfront costs and encourage consumers to consider and purchase solar photovoltaic installations. The best known example is the UNEP-sponsored solar credit program, which has helped 100,000 people finance solar installations in India. [19] The success of India`s solar program has led to similar projects in other parts of the developing world, including Tunisia, Morocco, Indonesia and Mexico. Founded in 1974, the program is the only legal program in the world for the protection of oceans and seas at the regional level.

More than 143 countries participate in 18 regional programs, including the Caribbean region, the East Asian maritime region, the East African region, the Mediterranean basin, the Pacific Northwest, the West African region, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Pacific Northeast, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, the ROPME Sea Area, the South-East Asia Maritime Region, the South-East Pacific, the South-East Pacific, the Arctic, Antarctica, the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic region. Each programme is made up of countries that share the same sea and exploit the sea at the regional level. Programmes are controlled by regional secretariats or coordination centres and regional activity centres. [29] UNEP protects the seas by promoting international conventions through education and training. [30] InforMEA provides easy access to MEAS information. They can consult the texts of the treaties and the provisions of decisions and resolutions adopted by the EEA`s governing bodies. You can browse the parties` information, including contacts, national reports and national plans that are submitted under Article 10. Feel free to know concepts and concepts as they are defined in the context of MEAs and consider taking one of the more than 20 free online courses for the introduction of MEAs. Don`t forget to use the Explorer field to browse all this information and get more filters and refine the results.

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Access: 06 June 2002. Alexander Charles Kiss, Ed.: 1983. Selected multilateral contracts in the field of the environment, volume 1. Nairobi, Kenya: United Nations Environment Programme. In the 1970s, the need for global environmental policy was not generally accepted, particularly by developing countries. Some argued that the environment was not a priority for poor countries. The leaders of Canadian diplomat Maurice Strong have convinced many governments in developing countries that they must prioritize this issue. As Nigerian Professor Adebayo Adedeji put it: “Mr. Strong, through the sincerity of his commitment, has quickly shown that, whatever the stage of our development, we all have an important part in this matter.” [5] United Nations Environment Programme. 2002a. Regional maritime conventions and protocols.

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