My Agreement With Death Shall Not Stand

Daniel 9:26,27 And after three scores and two weeks, the Messiah will be cut, but not for himself… 4. On the contrary, “the extinct flower, its glorious beauty (Isaiah 28:1), which is on the head of the oily (fertile) valley, will be like the morning fig” [G. V. SMITH]. Figs generally ripened in August; but before (bikkurah in Hebrew, Spanish bokkore) in June, and were considered a delicacy (Jeremiah 24:2 , Hosea 9:10 , Micha 7:1). while it is still – that is, immediately, without delay; describes the ardour of the Assyrische Schalmanneser, not only to conquer, but to completely destroy Samaria; whereas other conquered cities have often been spared. Verses 23-29 The husband turns to his vocation with pain and prudence, in all works of which by nature. Thus the Lord, who has given this wisdom to men, is wonderful in the Council and excellent in his action. As the occasion demands, he threatens, corrects, saves, shows mercy or takes revenge.

Tribulations are God`s striking instruments to detach ourselves from the world, separate us and our spree and prepare for use. God will give them to our strength; they should not be heavier than necessary. When its end is answered, the trials and sufferings of his people will cease; His wheat will be picked up in the Garner, but the drunken will be burned by an indelible fire. Isaiah 28:18 And your peace bond with death will be abolished, and your covenant with hell will not exist; When the plague passes, you will go to him in spirit. (And your covenant with death will be erased, and your covenant with the sheol or the land of the dead will not hold, and your alliance with hell will not remain; if the overflowing plague passes, you will be defiled.) Isaiah 28:18 (MSG) “Then you will see that your precious life insurance was not worth the paper on which it was written. Their meticulous precautions against death were a pack of delusions and lies. If disaster happens, it will crush you. How to use Christ for deity, at a time when truth is oppressed and butchered. When enemies dominate and the path of truth is evil, many faint, and many turn away and do not ask for the truth, nor defend the interest of Christ in their hour and their power of darkness: many are overwhelmed by fundamental fear, and on both sides with the workers of injustice, or they are not brave for the truth , but they are weak, turn back. Now, let the idea of this push some who want to fast to own it, he and his cause, one day of examination, to know how they will do…

John Brown (of Wamphray) – Christ The Way, Truth and Life – He makes us take into account living conditions until we finally break these internal agreements (read also Isaiah 29:3-4). His goal for us in these situations is that we should rest in Him instead of finding other ways to run from Him to something else (Isaiah 30:15-16). 20. Proverbially, because they will find that all their sources of trust fail; all will be a desperate perplexity in their affairs. Malachi 4:1-3 For behold, comes the day that will burn like an oven. all the proud, yes, and all those who do evil, will be thatch; The day that comes will burn them, says the Lord of the armies, and he will leave them neither root nor branch. The devastation of Samaria. (1-4) Judah`s prosperity; with reproofs for sin and disbelief.

(5-15) Christ is highlighted as the safe basis for all believers.