Income Guarantee Physician Agreement

Physician recruitment agreements can be complicated, so it is important that the doctor and the office carefully negotiate the provisions of these agreements. An experienced medical-contract lawyer may take this opportunity to “sweeten” the agreement in the doctor`s employment contract. What do you think of the different models of physician compensation? At first, the organization pays a salary to the doctor, but it acts as a loan. Over time, since the income comes from the doctor`s services, it is applied against this loan. The income assistance portion of a recruitment agreement generally requires a hospital to pay monthly the difference between the physician`s income and the promised monthly amount set (taking into account the expected costs). The amounts paid by the hospital are part of the credit of the doctor recruited. If the amounts are not properly billed and recovered by the office, the income from the doctor`s benefits will be artificially low and the doctor will report more to the hospital loan than necessary. If the monthly reports are imprecise and/or not made available to the hospital, this may result in a breach of the contract of commitment and trigger the repayment of the borrowed funds. This type of failure should ideally be the responsibility of the practice and not of the physician. However, recruitment agreements do not always work well for all physicians. Before considering signing a contract of engagement, you should take note of the following and consult a consultant familiar with such agreements: In addition, many guaranteed salary contracts have a clause stipulating that the doctor must give thirty days to six months before leaving the office.

This provides an issue if the doctor is not satisfied with the position. Other types of contracts are less flexible, so the doctor must register for four years or more. As a general rule, the health care system will also require reimbursement of amounts when the doctor`s employment is terminated for some reason. Two considerations apply in this regard. First, reimbursement should normally come from practice, not from the doctor. The practice has been guaranteed income in order to be able to pay the physician an appropriate salary for the benefits provided. The expectation of any private practice is that it will ultimately benefit from the services of its employed physicians. I was able to negotiate a clause that any reimbursement comes exclusively from the doctor`s claims, unless the medical employment contract is terminated by the doctor for no reason.