Igi Global Copyright Agreement

The copyright part is clear: the author (s) cannot publish the content of the article or chapter on a website or pass it on to others without the written permission of IGI Global. These include all articles or chapters currently reviewed by IGI Global and published final work. IGI Global respects international copyright and, as such, all contributors are invited to sign an IGI Global Author Warranty and Transfer of Copyright Agreement prior to publication. The guaranteed part ensures that the materials submitted for review by IgI Global are original and have not previously been published elsewhere. Materials Required The following articles must be submitted within the deadline set by the publisher: Other articles These forms do not apply to each filing, but please familiarize yourself with these requirements and provide the necessary authorization forms if necessary. Author Elements The following must be completed by each author contributor. All authors` requests are submitted by eEditorial Discovery®. For an updated link, please contact the author of the manuscript or the project editor. Manuscript/> Articles The following are required for each final manuscript. Please follow IGI Global`s instructions carefully to prepare your final submission for publication.

Please note that your attention to every detail is absolutely necessary to ensure that this publication is published in a timely manner. Manuscripts that do not meet these requirements are returned to the author for correction, which can cause significant delays in the publication of your works. Although all IGI Global authors and publishers sign a guarantee and transfer of copyright agreements, IGI Global supports a fair dealing policy that allows editors and editors: due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we understand that there are some exceptions to facilitate access to content published by IGI Global for teaching and learning purposes. Please contact our Intellectual Property and Contracts Department if you have specific requirements that you must meet with your published content.