Humber Academic Collective Agreement

All faculties: their starting salary is based on a defined formula, defined in the collective agreement. The site receives seniority lists from the human resources department once a year, as is the case with our collective agreement of ministers. These lists are shared with the annual local at the end of January, and … Training is available through OPSEU where capacity-building opportunities at the local level can be organised by contacting a steward. Read the latest Updates from the Union/Management subcommittee on return-to-campus plans. Read the latest information on the CAAT retirement plan for current and retired members. Take advantage of business discounts offered through OPSEU. The Local is concerned about the issues of equity regarding student comments (SFQs), especially with SFQ have been reported online, and how they have an influence on … The contract faculty: learn more about the under-charge register. The deadline to report your interest in the 2021 calendar year is October 30, 2020! Download a copy of the current full-time faculty collective agreement: the SWF describes your workload for the term. The EAP provides Humber College employees with “immediate and confidential assistance to solve work, health and life issues to improve your life.” Contact numbers: 416.961.0023, or 1,800.461.9722. Read our latest issue of Newsbreak (November 2020): Last issues of last year: June 2020 February 2020 November 2019 October 2019 April 2019 Archived editions also available (PDF): Your local is still in need of support; Become a steward, represent your premises on committees, participate in events, etc.

Johnson offers OPSEU Local members 563 exclusive savings on auto and home insurance. With great savings, you get premium miles from AIR MILESĀ±, 24/7 claims processing and first automatic claim. In addition, Johnson offers a scholarship program that helps high school students complete their post-secondary education. The Local receives a discount for each member who joins Johnson. The best doctors connect you to some of the best medical brains in the world. You make sure that your diagnosis is correct and that you get the best possible treatments around the world. OPSEU provides members with comprehensive multimedia sections where they can become more aware of the importance of trade unions. Representing professors, librarians and counselors at Humber College. The TAP allows you to obtain funds for professional development.

Contact your local for more information. In addition, a number of part-time training courses are offered at a discounted price. “On January 30, 2018, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union received a decision from the Ontario Labour Relations Board that part-time support workers are now certified as a full bargaining unit of rights and rights.” ( For more information, visit Humber College, Benefits Links. This page provides links to benefits, Extended Health – Dental, CAAT Pension Plan and benefits available to Humber College staff.