Gratuitous Service Agreements

I agree to work for free with the U.S. General Administration of Services (GSA). The service served and provided free of charge is to speak to [NAME OF EVENT] at [DATE] with the General Services Administration, which is discussing [ADD TOPIC]. In addition, I agree to grant unlimited and unlimited rights to the use and reproduction of all materials related to my free service. I understand and acknowledge that I am not compensated or compensated for the obligations or services rendered under this agreement, and I do not expect the U.S. government to make any payment or other form of compensation. I understand that there has been no business relationship between the U.S. government and myself because of the services I will provide for free. Furthermore, I will not say or imply that the services I have provided free of charge to the U.S.

government be supported, sponsored or recommended by the GSA or any other element of the U.S. government. I freely and voluntarily renounce any legal claim, in force or otherwise against the United States government with respect to my unpaid services. Instructions: All mailings received must contain the words “Department of Homeland Security” and the docket number of this action. Comments received are published without any change to, including all personal data provided. Number of respondents: 1500 respondents (estimate). These marking elements allow the user to see how the document follows the document creation manual that agencies use to create their documents. These may be useful in understanding how a document is structured, but are not part of the published document itself. This table of contents is a navigation tool that is processed from the titles contained in the legal text of the documents of the federal register. This repetition of titles to create internal navigation links has no significant legal effect. Chief Information Officer, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Department of Homeland Security.

These tools will help you better understand the official document and compare the online edition with the print edition. Written comments and questions regarding this request for information should be forwarded to DHS/NPPD/IP/PSCD/OBP, 245 Murray Lane SW., Mail Stop 0612, Washington, DC 20528-0612. Email requests should be directed to Written comments must be sent to the contact person indicated by October 19, 2015.