Fleming College Transfer Agreements

RRU is committed to facilitating the bulk transfer of Fleming College students through the RRU programs as part of the School of Environment and Sustainability below. By this agreement, Fleming College applicants who meet the following requirements are entitled to admission to the RRU with full bulk transfer, provided that all other admission criteria are met (in accordance with the program`s admission requirements on the RRU website) and that the place in the RRU program remains available. Entry to all programs at RRU is on a competitive basis. Fleming College is located in the heart of Central Ontario and has campus sites in Peterborough, Lindsay, Cobourg and Haliburton. Named after the renowned Canadian inventor and engineer Sir Sandford Fleming, the College offers more than 100 full-time programs in the fields of arts and heritage, economics, environmental and natural sciences, health and wellness, justice and community development, crafts and technology, and continuing education. Fleming College has more than 6,800 full-time students, 10,000 part-time students and 75,000 alumni. Sarah Mandarano never thought of university. As a high school graduate student with an interest in medicine, Sarah is just a university. “My parents said to me, “You go to university. That was my way,” she said. “Honestly, I`ve never looked at universities, because it`s always been university.

There was no point in looking.┬áSarah left her hometown of Peterborough, Ont., after high school, for bio-medical science at the University of… As a Fleming graduate, you can apply to any institution if you meet the entry requirements set by this institution. You must go directly to the institution and it will assess your eligibility; If you are entitled and accepted, you will evaluate the transfer credits by making a credit by conducting an assessment of the creditworthiness of your existing registration information. Crystal Smith was stuck between a rock and a hard place while considering her post-secondary options for geology. As a physiotherapist, Crystal College`s approach has been popular; but industry experts have recommended a university degree. Fortunately for Crystal, Fleming College`s Earth Resources Technician Co-op offers the best of both worlds with Education Pathways. “I still haven`t stopped talking about my experiences on the Gel campus, so I`d say it was… futurestudents.yorku.ca/program/ecosystem-management fes.yorku.ca/students/bes/dual-credentials/#fleming you may be able to use credits you received at Fleming College to continue your post-secondary education in search of a degree. The articulation and transfer contracts with our partner institutions are summarized below. The following graph shows the status of delivery for this program under future academic conditions. Please note that the implementation of the program may be modified due to government and public health requirements, as well as college licensing guidelines.

Royal Roads University and Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario, have renewed a vast transfer agreement that offers trails for five royal roads bachelors from 15 Fleming programs. General Program of Art and Science Certificates Note: 70% entry Average required with a minimum score of 65% for each transfer subject (1 year) – These are the current active agreements. If you completed a diploma/certificate last year, your transfer credits can be transferred from the points shown. If you have any questions about the agreement you qualify for, please email transfer@trentu.ca Carleton University, Carleton University graduates can obtain transfer credits of 70% or more up to five full transfer credits, which is the first year for the Bachelor of Arts.