Duval County Collective Bargaining Agreement

The district bargaining team also tried to reduce the expected increases for teachers on the performance pay plan, but the DTU was able to maintain them. Highly effective performance pay teachers continue to receive increases of $2,001 and effective teachers receive $1000.50 in increases for each of the school`s next two years under the proposed contract. “We`re negotiating together,” Brady said. “Everything in this treaty has been agreed by both parties. We have a year where we have had a budget deficit, but the board of directors has tried to put employees in the same tone to give them comparable contracts.┬áThe three interim agreements are the result of eight months of negotiations. Earlier this year, the district bargaining team proposed to include three steps in “grandfather planning,” which would have resulted in a reduction of a few levels, and would have extended the time it would take a teacher to reach the peak salary, which this year will be $67,801 for a bachelor teacher to $74,400 for a doctoral teacher. Click on an article below to view and download documents provided by duval County Public Schools for more information about the borough. Duval`s teachers are paid on the basis of one of two types of compensation systems, a “grandfather`s schedule” that pays for “no” increases for teachers based on years of experience and qualifications, and a “quality pay” plan that pays fixed amounts such as increases based on whether teachers are considered “effective” or “very effective” in the evaluations. Learn more about Duval County policies by creating a personalized report from our database. This is why teachers hired after July 1, 2011 are automatically placed on benefit pay, while teachers who have been previously hired can choose one of the two compensation plans. Most of them stayed on a grandfather`s pay plan, Brady said. Ballot papers have been sent, but the deadline for counting runs from Monday, January 29 to Friday noon, February 3, said Terrie Brady, president of the DTU.

Enlargement should include mass emissions. If a majority of each unit approves the treaties, it is likely that the school board will decide on these contracts at its February 6 meeting. Thousands of Duval teachers and other school employees will vote this week and next on new three-year contracts including pay increases or level increases and improvements on some non-economic issues. Under the proposed contract, teachers on the grandfather schedule will step up over the next two years, and those on the upper echelon will receive an additional $500 for both years.