About me

Every blog needs an about me, right?

Well, about me.  I’m getting older, but I don’t feel it.  I am a programmer by profession, but not an application developer.  I have done a ton of Java programming for my actual job, though it has been a while.

When Java first came out, I actually wrote a simple widget which resembles the first app I want to write so I know the logic is pretty simple. I also know the app has a certain appeal which I’ll explain elsewhere.

I am currently typing this on an ancient tiny Dell media PC, which has to be about ten years old, and is slow as all hell.  One of the things I want to figure out is what a good development environment will look like.  Can I use this crappy Dell, but then use the compute power of Amazon AWS for example.  Or do I need to buy a new machine (which is always fun!)

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